As an apple developer,like many others, I have installed the beta version of the new ios7. After watching the key note of WWDC 2013 I was excited. while I always promised to my self that I will not go for any iOS Beta version from apple, I couldn’t wait for the final release.

At first the experience was different. The flat design of the graphics was a little disappointing some bugs with screen resolution refreshes, hebrew text interface disappearing labels causing me not to be able to view caller id, constant crashes to name a few. But then I started experiencing some thing else. My home DSL connection started dropping. not all the time and not always completely. some time it was just really slow.

I started dealing with it by calling my DSL provider which of course suggested I will call my ISP. some checks and rerouting PPPoE gateway and my Internet was back on. I was happy, for a few days. Then it happened again. Frustrated, I called my ISP again which said I should talk to DSL provider which responded as a recurring problem I should replace my D-Link DSL router at no charge.

After replacing the router, it worked well for few days and then it drooped aging, showing pings with time outs. reconnecting restore the connection for a few minutes and then it will drop again. this would happen mostly late night or in the morning. So again I spent yet another saturday  in a teleconference with my ISP and DSL provider. both trying to argue that fault is not with them. Suddenly the internet was back on. My son had just woke up so I told him what has happened. later that day , the internet dropped again. trying to restart every thing I accidentally clicked the WLAN button instead of the on/off switch which closed the wifi and the connection to the internet was restored. Definitely something on the wifi network was killing the internet but what could it be ?

I decided to wait for the next connection problem and start eliminating each device until I will find the perpetrator. I have used my son iPhone as a development device with IOS7 beta installed. closing his wi-fi connection now restored the connectivity to normal !! Yes I’ve got him !

So what is causing Internet connection problem on iPhone 4s with ios7 beta ? I have tried to close all running apps ,restart the device with no results. I also realized that the problem is not happening all the time, and figured out that it is happening only when the phone sleep and connected to charger. and then it hit me. iCloud back up. and yes it was on for that device. switching it off , and we have good steady internet connection.So my son going to sleep and plugin the iPhone to charger and then when when he woke up and removing the charger was the reason of the problem coming and going all the time.

Apparently iCloud upload need more upstream bandwidth then what I have – 0.8 MB . killing upstream connection make your TCP connection useless.