Mikael Hed CEO of Rovio the maker of Angry Birds spoke at MACWORLD mobile and presented his story as a success example and tried to bring the points that made it successful. Rovio made 51 games before angry birds ,bounce for Nokia , darkest fear to name a few. In 2008 they stoped doing java games, and focused on smart phone only ,mainly Symbian. before iPhone he stated it was very difficult to market games.The carriers would only take you on the game deck if you can support all the handset they have. so only if you are a big publisher you get good placement in carrier portal. The carrier would take allot more then half for the game , and it would take long time until you got paid. iPhone Eco system changed that.Iphone is one device with good development tools and one market place , so for Rovio there was less need to manage sales and the pay is 70 % by 30 days.

Rovio have tried releasing some games before angry birds but they did not succeeded. The games had few issues which needed fixes , and they understood that a game should not be published before it is fully complete. The plan with Angry Birds was to develop a new Brand and not just another game.

Rovio made it impotent to respond to players and listen to what they say and make modification according to feedback they get.

For in app purchases they have wanted to create a product that would sell with in the app and not just to use in app purchasing to enable a feature. players received new features with every update like new level and Rovio understood that changing to an in app purchase for new features would disappoint allot of paying customers .Rovio made a new product with in the game, which is the mighty eagle . The eagle is used to over come level that you get stuck in.

after the brand was established they started making merchandise and sold 1 mil touch dolls of angry birds.

for marketing promotions at the beginning they have focused more on viral since they had no big budget for it. After that they have putting more into advertising . Mikael say that he believe that mobile advertising is going to be a big thing in the coming future. He also said that a company no matter what size should always stay focus at what it is and how it does things.But when evolving and growing some times you will need to change that and redefine your self. Rovio has come to realize that they are not a game developer any more and have redefined them selfs , we are media producers now that do allot more then just a game developer.