So the main message of Nokia in today’s dev day was that Symbian is here to stay. Nokia will introduce new windows phone 7 soon based on the partnership they made with Microsoft but it is not going to replace Symbian or Meego. The support for Symbian for developers will continue with advancement in Qt by better API and new nice tools for faster easier development of apps.
The Qt quick for example , is a very nice way of producing a native app with animation in a very short amount of code. The code itself ,QML, that remind me of css3 will finally allow many of us that did not wanted to mess with Symbian development , to take a look and download the SDK for a spin.


NOKIA is also about to launch in app billing to ovi store. this will be added to the already available service provider billing that they continue to add in more and more countries.

With 3 platforms , Symbian ,wp7 and s40 a large user base connected to a largely deployed Ovi store and improvements on developer tools Nokia have not said the final world and plan together with Microsoft to create the third smartphone Ecosystem.