The Mobile industry has reached a blossoming era. The devices are more capable and the platforms provide a rich developing frameworks and app stores to monetize the development effort. As a developer you have many opportunities to publish but you need to master each platform by it self. For this reason some companies have identifier this difficulty and came up with a unified systems to develop once and publish to multiple platforms.

When looking more closely to the unified options available there is a qutions rising is really suitable for all your needs , or there is a catch?

Well to my opinions there is. when examining the user experience of iOS , Android , Bada Symbian and the likes you can spot they are not the same. while in iOs you will need to put a navigation bar to browse back to previous screen with an Android activity you just click the physical back button , iOS uses tab bar on the bottom of the screen while Android tab bar widget is designed to be placed on the top. Bada uses shoulder area for action button and Android normally has a physical menu button etc’ .

while the standard UI widgets on each platform has it’s own styling and placement , games like Angry birds look almost exactly on each platform. since they do not use the built in UI kits for widgets and controls but design their own. could they benefit from unified platforms so they could manage one source code ? almost. there still some differnties with device capabilities like accelerated 3D graphics or run time memory allocation options.

Most of the unified developing option are with some sort of none static scripting language.
But using them for game development is problematic becuase you need to get best performance you can for smooth high frame rate output. Wekit HTML 5 and CSS 3 can be used as a unified development platform creating an hybrid apps to be published on the app stores. But this kind of apps will miss the power for 3D graphics and can not have one style of UI to fit each platform.

personally I prefer writing in each platform natively. this will allow you best performance and best user expirience you can get from the platform. yes it will cost more since you will need to rewrite your app for each platform but it will be the best. And this is what we want, to be the best so we will sale more , aren’t we ?