For long years , I have been using MS windows as my desktop. since windows 3.11 up until the latest windows 7. It is truly a great system no argue there, but there was always some thing missing. At first I could not point at what it is since I did not know any better. but then when I installed my first Linux , Red HOT 3 if I remember correctly, I noticed what it was. The ability to control and modify what ever I want. The security of my system, at last no viruses.

When I installed openSuse 10 at work allot of years later it was even better. a big repository  of available free software that you can install right from the interface. no need to look for it. security is even better , still no viruses. and user experience is excellent. nice windows and themes, multiple screens to arrange you work, nice 3d cube effect and all kind of minimize animation. almost any software I used on windows , I could find a replaceable option for it. and if I did not then I could emulate it using wine on linux. so no more clicking edit button on word and then get a dimmed title bar with the not responding message , and then you know you have to wait for it to be released. No more having the need to kill the anti virus software that suddenly felt it need to check my files and with that cheating me away from my CPU power that I need so badly to play call of Duty or to compile some C or Java code.

But it was not complete, when I came to a point that I wanted to uninstall some thing or upgrade a software my IT capabilities where needed. Linux is not the kind of system that I would install on my kid wife or mother PC. Don’t get me wrong there is no system that I can install that will give me the freedom of not needing to service and avoid being the first help line on their speed-dial when they forgot their Facebook password and have no idea how to restore it. I am happy to take their call and help. But with Linux my cellphone battery will be dead in no time. I wanted a system that will have all the benefits of a Linux but with the ease of mind of windows, well , if it can be more easy then windows the better.

I guess by now it is understandable from the title what is my system of choice. MAC is all of that. you get a linux like system with access to allot of the open source advantage but with ease. magnificent look with no IT skills needed. if only it wasn’t as pricey as it is…